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Obituary Progams and  Keepsake Memorial booklets

 A percentage of each candle purchased will go  towards a fund to provide free Obituaries/ Memorial booklets for children. 

Requirements are as follows: 

Must be under 17yrs old (  up to 21 only if still in high school or college)
Must be from single parent home
Must have a financial need
Must have at least 48-72 hours notice
Photos must be clear and can not consist of inappropriate activity or body language
( such as smoking, drinking alcohol  or middle fingers up) 

Pendleton Candle Company reserve the right to tastefully post photos of all programs made for advertising purposes only. We will not release any personal photos, only the work that was done by Pendleton Candle Company

We would like to send our heartfelt condolences to the family of 6yr old Travon Register who was murdered by his mother's boyfriend on July 12th. Travon leaves behind a twin brother. We will continue to keep this family in our prayers.